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Through teaching local belly dance fusion classes in Frederick, MD, Anam Cara strives to create a welcoming environment, free from the harsh self criticism we encounter on a daily basis when viewing our bodies. All body types are welcome here: younger, older, curvy, tall, short, beautiful post partum bellies; bellies with scars, stretch marks, or blemishes, male, female, non binary. All are welcome here.

Come learn how to move and appreciate your body through the graceful art of belly dance.

Photography: JP Photography

Belly Dance creates:

Self-confidence: There are so many pressures as a woman to look a certain way and we are told to be ashamed of our flaws and imperfections. In reality, these are what makes us who we are! Learn to love yourself and appreciate your beautiful belly!

Community: With a strong bond of sisterhood we strive  to be supportive and nurturing while encouraging all forms of self expression.

Creativity: There are so many styles of belly dance, you are sure to find one that compliments your personality and passions. 

Strength: Belly dance is wonderful at strengthening the muscles of your core, arms and legs. You will discover muscles you never knew you had and move them in ways you never thought you could.

Photography: Todd Papienski

Fun!: We take the dance seriously, but not always ourselves. We love to have a good time in class and at performances. Come laugh and dance with us!

Photography: Beth Doyle| Tel 213-716-2972

Belly Dance Classes in Frederick, MD

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