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About Anam Cara



Lindsey's love of dance began at an early age and has taken shape over the years in many forms. Several years ago Lindsey fell in love with Belly Dancing and hasn't looked back since. She teaches classical belly dance technique with a fusion flare, blending elements from dance styles learned throughout her life. Her goal is to help the belly dance scene in Frederick flourish,  and to educate the public on the true nature of this beautiful art form.

Lindsey strives to create a nurturing, inspiring environment for her dancers where they can feel free of judgement and learn to accept and love their bodies just the way they are. 

Lindsey loves to cross train in varying belly dance styles including classical Egyptian, tribal fusion, Russian Romany and Flamenco Arabe skirt dancing. She has studied with Kristen Dorsey, Naimah Loren, Deborah Colley, Saeeda Kasym, Dalia  Carella, Angela Petry and Belladonna Boheme. She is currently certified as a Level 3 Technician in Belladonna's Bohemian Blade technique and is a certified instructor in the Divine Chaos Collective Skirt Technique. 



From Union Bridge, Kalayla has been dancing for over 10 years. It's started with a jingle in a college common room and a love for belly dance was born. Learning from masters like Sadie Marquardt, Shahrzad, and Zoe Jakes and skilled friends, strengthening her dance skills is a key factor for her.


Performing at public and private events (which she has missed dearly) Kalayla loves to strike awe in her audience. Most importantly she wants a good laugh in the show too! Now you can learn from Kalayla, teaching belly dance Frederick, MD. Catch her on Facebook or Instagram to see what she's been up to and what lies ahead.

Troupe Anam Cara


Anam Cara means friend of my soul and Troupe Anam Cara is a group of incredibly hard-working dancers who somehow manage to juggle life, careers and children to foster their passion for dance and friendship and are always up for participating in Lindsey’s latest shenanigans.


The Troupe is an invite only group for Anam Cara Dance students.

The Troupe's members currently are: Lindsey McCormick, Tracy Babylon, Jamie Fogle, Kelly Kennedy, Dorie Marsuich-Henry,  Tracy Brown, Jen West, Kay Beyers and Jessica Welch. 

Troupe  Lotus Sol


Troupe Lotus Sol was born out of a love for all things skirt dancing. Blossoming like a lotus and shining bright as the sun while performing innovative fusion dances with fabulous flying skirts, these incredible dancers put their heart and soul into what they do while executing Lindsey's unique fusion flare 

The Troupe's members currently are: Lindsey McCormick, Tracy Brown, Dorie Marusich-Henry and Karen Peacock. 

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